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Super Duper Games (SDG) is a play-by-web gaming site, run from beautiful Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The most up-to-date information on what games are available, as well as links to their rules and authors, can be found on the Super Duper Games welcome page.

SDG is now essentially unmaintained. We are now sponsored by Looney Labs, which means the site itself will run indefinitely, but the wiki and forums had to be moved to free services. I do not have the time to manually migrate all of the wiki data, so here's the skeleton. The original data is available on my Google Drive.

The forums have been moved to Google Groups.

All are welcome to participate!

Other than pages for the individual games and players, the following information is available:

  • SDG How-To - New to SDG? This is a good place to start! It's formative right now, but still helpful.
  • SDG Tournament Centre - The tournament features are now online!
  • Credits - This is a list of attributions and thank yous.
  • Links - This page lists links to other play-by-web and play-by-email games. It also lists free boardgame sites and general gaming resources. Feel free to add your own links!
  • SDG Wishlist - This is a list of games that I and others have come across that could conceivably be implemented. Feel free to add some yourself!
  • SDG TODO - This is a read-only page listing the development queue as well as other miscellaneous site tasks.
  • Super Duper API - Want to try your hand at coding a game? Hopefully this page will help!
  • Povray Help
  • Leaderboard Information
  • Super Duper Source Code
  • The Rewrite
  • Super Duper Nomic

The Games

Remember that the authoritative list of implemented games and associated links is found at the Super Duper Games welcome page. Each game has its own wiki page and any game-specific strategies and suggestions should be posted there.

Game Designer Publisher
3-6-9 Paul Townsend WAG
55Stones Ralf Gering Ralf Gering
Abande Dieter Stein Dieter Stein
Accasta Dieter Stein Dieter Stein
Afrika Ralf Gering Ralf Gering
Alak A. K. Dewdney and Alan Baljeu.
Alfred's Wyke
Alien City Mike Schoessow
Amazons Walter Zamkauskas
Archimedes Scott Marley and Philip Cohen GAMES Magazine, 1988
Aries Chris Huntoon WAG
Attangle Dieter Stein Dieter Stein
Attract Jaroslaw Cichocki Jaroslaw Cichocki
Avalam Bitaka Philippe Deweys
Blam! Jon Eargle Invisible City Games
Blockade David Boyle, James Kyle, and Chris Young
Branches, Twigs, and Thorns Andrew Plotkin Andrew Plotkin
Breakthrough / Bombardment Dan Troyka (Bombardment designed by Chris Huntoon)
Byte Mark Steere Mark Steere
Cage Mark Steere Mark Steere
Cannon David E. Whitcher of PyroMyth Games. David E. Whitcher of PyroMyth Games.
Cascades William Chang
Castle Danger Matt Worden Matt Worden
Cephalopod Mark Steere Mark Steere
Chase TSR (Tactical Studies Rules)
Complica Reiner Knizia
Copolymer Mark Steere Mark Steere
Crossway Mark Steere Mark Steere
DareBase Matt Worden Matt Worden
Delta Fabio Forzoni
Depth Charge David E. Whitcher of PyroMyth Games. David E. Whitcher of PyroMyth Games.
Diagonals2: Line of Sight
Diffusion Mark Steere Mark Steere
Dipole Mark Steere Mark Steere
Dugi Andrew Dubber The Wireless
Elasta Michail Antonow About Board/Card Games
Entropy Eric Solomon
Epaminondas Robert Abbott
Fanorona The national game of Madagascar
Focus Sid Sackson
Fortac Lloyd Krassner Warp Spawn Games
Frames Marcos Donnantuoni About Board/Card Games
Froggy Bottom Clay Blankenship
Generatorb Tim Schutz TJGames
Golem Justin Jacobson Blue Devil Games
Gounki Christophe Malavasi Christophe Malavasi
Grim Reaper Wyons.
Guard & Towers
Homeworlds John Cooper Wunderland
Impasse Mark Steere Mark Steere
Jostle Mark Steere Mark Steere
Linear Progression Lloyd Krassner Warp Spawn Games
Lines of Action Claude Soucie
Macadam Pierre Canuel Pierre Canuel
Macadam Pierre Canuel Pierre Canuel
Mad Bishops Mark Steere Mark Steere
Man In the Moon
Martian Chess Andy Looney Wunderland
Mastery S. John Ross
Mind Ninja
Motala Strom Marcus Salo Warp Spawn Games
Numica Lloyd Krassner Warp Spawn Games
Ordo Dieter Stein nestorgames
Oust Mark Steere Mark Steere
Palisade Mark Steere Mark Steere
Phwar Cameron Browne
Piecepack Letterbox Ron Hale-Evans
Pikemen Jacob Davenport Jacob Davenport
Praetorian Kirk Uhlmann About Board/Card Games
Pulling Strings Clark Rodeffer About Board/Card Games
Quadrature Mark Steere Mark Steere
Razzle Dazzle Don Green
Realm Phil Orbanes Sr. nestorgames
Robo Battle Pigs
Rush Mark Steere Mark Steere
Scribe Mark Steere Mark Steere
Slings & Stones David N. Beal Dark Shadow Games
Sprawl Jonathan Leistiko Invisible City Games
Square-Grid Hex Mark Steere Mark Steere
Squaredance Karl Scherer
Tanbo Mark Steere Mark Steere
Terratain Lloyd Krassner Warp Spawn Games
Tumblewords Jonathan A. Leistiko Invisible City Games
Witch Stones Justin Jacobson Blue Devil Games
Wizard's Garden Tim Schutz TJGames
Zendo Kory Heath Wunderland

The Players

Facebook Group

Basic information about players can be found on their profile page. Visit the Players page and then click on their name. Individual players are welcome to create their own wiki page if they wish. All I ask is that you place your page in the players namespace. Simply use the links below as a template.

  • Aaron — I'll play anything! Challenge away!
  • ADIL
  • AnalogKid — I like running Zendo games and playing lots of other abstracts. Interested in designing and/or programming more games for SDG.
  • antihero — likes games.
  • CDRodeffer — designed and plays Pulling Strings, but is open to playing others also
  • Cerulean — fills his gaming plate with a cornucopia of flavor!
  • dralius — designed the game Cannon and a few others.
  • Elektrodo — likes to play Abande, avalam and Ponte del Diavolo
  • invisiblejon — (AKA Jonathan Leistiko) published and plays the games Blam!, Tumblewords, and Sprawl. He also plays Frames and Homeworlds.
  • istari — designed Generatorb and Wizard's Garden and plays anything! Challenge away!
  • jeep — Loves learning new games and will play anything. He'll also talk about games until the cows come home.
  • Kermit — (AKA Carlton Noles) will play anything once and most games more than once. He is also working on designing a few games.
  • luca — designed and plays Magneton
  • LSG — aka Vincent Everaert, french game designer (Exxit, Tortuga, Deluxe Camping) and abstract lover. I'm ready to try everything on SDG!
  • Mark Steere — designed and plays Quadrature, Tanbo, Impasse, Byte, Diffusion, Cephalopod, Copolymer, and Scribe
  • MatrixFrog — plays a variety of games, especially Homeworlds
  • Megamau — AKA Maurizio De Leo. Plays any abstract strategy game. Current favorites on this site are Cannon and Blam!
  • MrStickman — implemented Phutball.
  • nycavri — Icehouse Game designer. Challenge me to Penguin Soccer, another Icehouse game, or almost anything else!
  • Remneb — Antoine Richard.Epaminondas was my firts game on SDG. Now i play also Cannon and some few others.Was not aware how slow can be a game on SDG. I understand the main purpose of Aaron…player who have not a lot of time to spend on games…I play Go,Chess,chinese chess.That's maybe why i'm fast learner of games where good placements of units are the main key to win.
  • sompm — known as Robert Mock outside of the internet; willing to play any game with any person, and is working on a few games of his own.
  • spielstein — aka. Dieter Stein, designed and plays Accasta, Abande, Attangle, and Ordo, will play other games also.
  • ts52 — Actually Tim Seiger, plays any Icehouse game, and is interested in learning the others.
  • xoet — RL Bill Newbold, likes to play the abstract games. Is also working on a four person three dimensional chess game. Bill also likes chatting AIM h92o. Bill also will play any game once or more …

As a new user here, and as a french one, I would like to know all the french users or the talking ones. So if you are, subscribe yourself at French Users !

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