Credits & Kudos
  • First, a big thank you to the many game designers for creating such excellent games and for giving me permission to host them here.
  • A huge thank you to all the players who make this site the fun place it is.
  • Thanks to Ross (who has even less time to play than I do) for providing the hardware and network access that keeps this site running.
  • Thanks to Jonathan Dietrich for giving me permission to use his excellent Piecepack and Icehouse graphics!
  • Thanks to all the gamers who have coded and submitted games! They are now credited on the SDG Front Page.
  • A huge thanks to Keith for his design of the tournament trophies!
  • Thanks to GigaClon for his revamp of the Piecepack graphics.
  • And certainly not least, thank you Aaron for making the whole thing possible. I feel confident I speak for all the players.
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