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  • It would be convenient to be able to insert commands in both the formats <letter><number> and <number><letter>.
    • Makes sense. I will get that added. — ac.snotlad|noraa#noraA 24 Nov 2005 19:14
  • I'm wondering about the possibility of presenting a whole game as a single diagram (as Go does) by adding the turn number to the center of each build. Then the odd numbers would be White's plays, and the evens Black's. (But how to deal with the exception where one player passes and the other is able to continue building? Maybe a small section for passed turns off the edge of the board. And we wouldn't want to forget caps/claims.)
    • All the caveats you mentioned make this kind of display difficult. What I hope to do is allow you at some point to replay these types of games move by move. It's not feasible for all the games, but for many it is. That's a little ways away, but eventually. — ac.snotlad|noraa#noraA 24 Nov 2005 19:14


  • I'm new to this game and would love some beginner tips and hints if anybody has some! — ac.snotlad|noraa#noraA 22 Oct 2005 21:55
  • Can anyone offer any tips for the beginning of the game? Once a good number of domes and some towers are in place, I can see how to strategize, but at the beginning, I just don't know what to do. It seems that most moves at that point are going to be fairly random, because no one controls anything. — lambda
  • At the beginning of the game, I look for areas where one color has access to the most other colors, especially spots where a color does not border that same color. This gives the most flexibility to arrange domes around a tower. Keep in mind that any color tower can be built on black. - cerulean
  • Opening Strategy: After the board has been formed and the colors (White/Black) chosen, I see 3 inequalities:
    1. Turn order
    2. White's 3 Red Towers and 2 Blue Towers vs Black's 3 Blue Towers and 2 Red Towers
    3. The arrangement of tiles, particularly red, blue and black.

It's possible that it's generally advantageous to move 2nd. Assume the endgame has been reached. White claims a Tower. Now Black might have the choice of trying to diminish the score of that claim by placing a same-color Tower a short distance along the road, or of making her own claim with a bigger score than White's.
… to be continued …

Fun Stuff

  • I'm planning on uploading my Alien City lore here. In the meantime, for fun, here's a spot quiz: In Fig. 5 of the Official rules v2.2 there's an illegally placed structure. Which one is it? - Tau
    • That's a trick question. It's impossible to tell which of the green domes is illegally built on the icon. -JEEP
    • Good call! Let's infer from Figure 4 (the big one, although it is labeled "Fig. 3") that GDf8 (or GDf7 in superduper notation) is the culprit; then, since f7 (f6 in superduper) would have been available without blocking the road, the icon at f8 (f7 in SD) couldn't be covered. Following your lead, I now see that RDd10 (RDd9 SD) illegally covers an icon while c10 (c9 SD) is available. But I'd missed these altogether; I have another type of illegal build in mind. - Tau
    • Ah, then you must mean the black dome on F2, which could legally be built on D4. -JEEP
    • Yes. (I'm sure you meant that it could be built on C4). It looks like you noticed the Blue Dome on a green tile at g3 is legal because there are no legal lots for it on any blue tile. - Tau
    • Another little quiz: #1161 was an exciting game between Aaron and istari. Istari won by 22 points, but I think the difference should have been only 7. Why? - Tau
      • We give up, why? (Unless you mean it should only be 7 because Aaron should have claimed his last tower sooner…) -jeep


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