This game looks very interesting from the rules, but the one game I've played revealed a big flaw: two evenly matched players can easily play forever. There is nothing much one can do against a good defense.

Maybe making pieces move like chess knights (but still burn in the same way) would make this a better game?

  • Who left the above notes? Care to expand on it?

I did (fritzd on the server). I, tentatively, take it back. I got thoroughly beaten in my second game, so then the theory of the day was that the first player has an overwhelming advantage. That theory is now evaporating in my third game (against the player who beat me in my second game, I'm playing second again). I'll write some more comments after some more play…

OK, I now think this game is brilliant. It certainly takes a while to get the hang of it though. If a player can get both of the two non-anchor corners he has a very big advantage. If the first move takes one of the corners the second player can't grab the other corner. This makes it seem as if the first player has an overwhelming advantage. The first puzzle to solve is therefore where the second player should make his first move. I think I have a good candidate but it needs a few more games… I'm still learning but it is a fascinating journey! :)


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