Variant Suggestions

  • Change the blocker's goal to simply delaying the runner for X number of moves. I personally don't like this suggestion, as a good blocker can delay a runner indefinitly, but can't necessarily capture the runner.
  • Change blocker's goal to capturing the runners individually. Once they are captured, they turn into a statue. Optional whether they can still be passed by other runners, though I'd suggest yes. I think this is a viable variant.
  • Add another color. This gives the runner another degree of freedom, but it also gives the blocker another move every turn to use to press down on the runners. The runner doesn't gain much advantage for reasons my intuition would say are related to the 4 color map problem. This is my favorite variant, but the statue variant probably has the most potential to even things up. Perhaps both combined…

-Lexicon - 17 March 2006

Implementation Details

  • The board is automatically populated, but the system ensures there are no vertical adjacencies in the first 2 rows of blockers. This should keep there from being decisive first-move wins.
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