Opening Strategy

Player 1 should play one of these 3 moves: B12, B13, B14. If one of these moves is not made, Player 2 gains a strong lead by playing B14, C13. Without a base at B12, B13, or B14 for Player 1 to block from, Player 2 can take control of 7 to 10 spaces on the right hand side of the board without much trouble.

B6 also seems a good first move for Player 1. If Player 2 tries B14,C13 then Player 1 replies C6,D7 and will win the race to J10. So to B6 Player 2 needs to reply B7,C6 or maybe B8,C7. (papa_bear 19 Feb 2007)

Displayed Score in the Territories Variant

Can anyone explain the meaning of the displayed score? I am not sure if this is the place for questions. If not where?

You can certainly ask questions here, but unless somebody is monitoring the wiki, you could very well get missed. The best place to get help is the Help! forum. The score should only display in the Territories variant and it shows how many cells you have claimed. Hope that helps! —ac.snotlad|noraa#noraA 06 Jan 2007 16:37

Now I also understand that the 73 in the denominator of the displayed score is the minimum score required to win out of total of 145 position. — lhh61 Jan 7 2007

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