• Small number dice aren't too important, so don't worry so much about losing them. Expect them to get eaten unless they're protected by other dice. In particular concentrate on capturing 5 and 6 point dice. It will be interesting to analyze some pgns and see how frequently dice of each value get captured.
    • Query: can a 6 point die ever be captured? Should that read 4 and 5 point dice??
  • If you have the choice between eating your dice or eating your opponents, it's usually better to eat his, though sometimes your own can be tastier.
  • The safest play is not always the best play. Sacrifices and trades can be useful.
  • Frequently holes open up which are protected from the main playing field. Put one pip dice there and they're safer.
  • Scan through and eliminate obviously bad positions (plays where your opponet can capture to 5 or 6) and concentrate on the remaining spaces.

— Lexicon - 18 April 2006


  • For the first few hours 5x5x3 Cephalopod was available, the boards were labelled A, B, and C rather than X, Y, and Z (respectively). This means the earliest moves in the PGNs for very first games of this variant will refer to "nonexistent" coordinates like ab1 instead of xb1.
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