Elasta has been removed indefinitely from the SDG lineup, on account of implementation issues.


This is an interesting game but is too static. If played properly, it could last forever. I am going to add the variant suggested by the author.

  • At the end of each turn the players must place a token on a square on their side of the board. A square with a token counts as deleted, thus shortening the respective file and making it easier for the opponent to reach bottom. Tokens cannot be moved.
    • (Cerulean) This is a vast improvement. I vote to make the Ever Advancing variant the standard game on SDG.

Format Suggestions

  • (Cerulean) Could the board be oriented so that a player's side is always the south/ bottom border of the board?
  • (jeep) Can we get a move history for this game? It could be formatted in two columns and alternate the chip placement then the advanced line.
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