New Name Suggestions


"Agmen" is a Latin word meaning herd, flock, troop, body, mass, army on march
procession, train, or column of men. "Agmen" is a word easy to pronounce in any
language… so maybe it would be a good idea to rename the game AGMEN. (Remneb)


Protect your first row.

When a column is built against you, the better way to stop it is to open your first
line, where the impact will come, and close the second one. If the enemy kills your first soldier at the second row, that line of soldiers can close the gap… and the first row (the winning row, in fact) is still intact.

Close any holes.

All your army must be in connected formations. Units must be parts of
a defensive rank or an offensive column. Any units who are alone in the field
are of no use for immediate defense or offense.

Frontal attack.

If you are planning a frontal attack, be sure that your phalanx will have enough
ground. The calculation is easy: if you have a column of 5 units but no empty square in front or at the rear, and the enemy has also 5 units but an empty square in front or at
the rear of his phalanx,then he can make a phalanx of 6 and your own phalanx is dead !


An army in the field has always a line of defense and a line of offense. The task of
the defensive part of a combat line is to stop an enemy attack at the same time that
the offensive part of the line tries to push or to break in several parts the enemy line
in front of the advance units.

In a game with the same amount of units on both sides of the board ( like two armies of the same size ), you cannot be in force everywhere. So, you must have a wing in defense position and a wing in offensive advance.

The idea is that you must never have an empty wing just because you think that if you
mass the major part of your units at the same side of the board, you will surely
win the game! In fact you will never have the opportunity to lunch a general attack
with several columns of units on the move. Your opponent, if he knows his job, will surely
attack you all along your flanks! Your columns will be cut into many parts. After
that you will have an empty wing open for the enemy and no offense at the other side!

Hit and run

If you have for a short time no real opportunity to launch a heavy attack,try to
weaken the enemy line, using 4 or 5 units, always where the enemy is building
a phalanx. Always attack the flanks of the enemy. Kill some units then return to
the main lines. The idea is to create holes in the enemy lines, so the enemy will have some
of his units not connected to the main formation. And like you already know, units out
of a formation are of no use for defense or offense !

Remember that, if you can kill, then kill with a maximum of forces. When you move
for a hit,move all members of the phalanx on the target. The main purpose of that is to occupy
the field where you have made the killing. The enemy must see that not only has he lost some
soldiers, but has also lost part of the battlefield! (Remneb)

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