Implemented Variants

Current variants include:

  • Extreme - 3 formations are required to win.
  • Extremely extreme - All 4 formations are required to win.
  • Blind - Your opponent's hand is invisible to you.
  • Choices - Raises the hand limit from 3 to 4.
  • Friendly Fire - This variant allows draws by counting all formations created on a player's turn, even formations for your opponent!
  • No Dupes - Penalizes duplicate formations. If you form an orthogonal formation (for example) a 2nd time, then it is removed from your list of completed formations. You would have to form yet another orthogonal formation a 3rd time for it to count.
  • Discard - This variant allows a player to discard their entire hand and redraw as their turn action. This of course destroys the official rule that if you cannot move you lose, as you will always have the option to discard.
  • Pull - Introduces the Pull card which is the opposite of the Push card
  • Lock - Introduces the Lock card which freezes a piece for six(6) individual turns. A Locked card can not be moved in any way.
  • Shuffle - Introduces the Shuffle card which randomizes the entire board (except for Locked pieces).

New Card Ideas

  • Opposite - Moves a piece to the square opposite the square that it currently occupies (e.g. from A1 to D4, or from B4 to C1, etc.)

Variant Suggestion is a discussion topic on the various variants.

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