Froggy Bottom

Rule Interpretations

  • The rules state that to chain jump, you must land on the next pad by exact count. This implementation does not consider over-jumping as an exact count. That is to say, if you jump past the edge of the board, and there happens to be a pad along that edge, you will not be permitted to continue jumping. This is a personal interpretation as I have been unable to reach the author. Please let me know if you are aware of any official ruling that goes against this reading of the rule.
  • This implementation allows you to move home lilypads.
  • To clarify the rules, you can jump over an occupied lilypad, but you cannot land on an occupied lilypad, even temporarily.

Current Variants

  • Random Neutrals speeds up the game by randomly placing the 10 neutral coins. The original lilypads must be manually placed, however.
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