Linear Progression

Implemented Variants

  • Blocked - This variant introduces 2 shared blocker pieces through which no other piece can pass. Each blocker starts on one corner of the board. One blocker can be moved by any player in combination with that player's own move. Blockers move in a straight line orthogonally or diagonally, and can stop on any square except for the end movement square of your opponent's most recent move. Blockers can be moved through blackened squares and/or stop there. They can pass through other blockers, but cannot end their movement on an already blocked cell.
  • Layout - Center Isle - This variant blocks off the center 4 cells of the board as well as the normally blocked corners. Cells D4, D5, E4, and E5 are now impassible to players' pieces.
  • Linear Progression is also equipped with the global No Undo and Unrated variants (even though LP does not have the Undo feature yet).
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