Rule Additions

  • The official rules do not cover what happens in a movement situation if a piece is flanked by two pieces of the same color. In this implementation the two forces negate each other and the piece can move freely along the line.


  • Weak Force - Movement is also affected by the reduced force. In the movement phase, pieces can only move one space at a time.
  • Warnings (Suggested Variant) - I wonder if this frustrates new players too much to play the game. we're already bad enough at it. Perhaps there should be a variant which warns you if you make a move leaving the other player to win on their next move. The warnings might be shut off when entering the second phase of the game. Overall this would only let people win if they've maneuvered into having two fairly independent wining moves. I think I've only done that two or three times; the rest of the wins have been oops's. :) I would like to playtest it first, but I think this should probably be the default. — Lexicon 25 March 2006
  • More Warnings (Suggested Variant) - Further, there should be warnings which prevent a player from directly causing the opponent to win. This seems to happen most when a player forgets what color they are, and I find this to be a common problem in many games here. I therefore also suggest that your color be more prominantly displayed on the game page on all games, though not too prominantly as that would clash with the color scheme. I will go find the appropriate page to suggest this. — Lexicon 28 March 2006


This game is now AI ready. Any suggestions as to board position evaluation algorithms are welcome and should be posted here.

  • The most likely approach is one of reducing diffusion…somehow measuring the distance between your pieces and trying to reduce it.
  • The huge game tree in the opening will be an obstacle.
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