Motala Strom


By my calculations, this game has a total of 315 unique full-board positions. That's not very many :) One day (if nobody else does it first) I will write a script to play through each board and "solve" the game. I'll report here when that actually happens.

(Gobleteer) As predicatable as it may seem, I think it's fun. Please keep this on the list.

How do you get 315? There are 9! ways to place the pieces, but the 4! orders of placement for each side are irrelevant, so 9!/(4! * 4!) = 630 unique full-board positions. That's not many, though. — rootbeer

I think I cut the 630 number in half because half are just colour inversions of identical positions. (RRRR-BBBB is essentially the same as BBBB-RRRR. At least, the result is simply an inversion.) I think that's what I did. I can't find my original calculations anywhere. — ac.snotlad|noraa#noraA 24 Nov 2005 19:11

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