Mind Ninja

Below is the initial tournament list of patterns. All of these patterns are for a hexagonally tiled board, and there should only be two stone colors available to the players when playing. Not all of these patterns are balanced without handicapping stones.

  1. Almost Y
  2. Rusty Chain
  3. Havannah
  4. Yin Yang
  5. Odd

Common concepts

The number of stones in a group or pattern.
Connected group
A set of stones on the board, all of the same color, for which it is possible to trace a continuous path between any two of them by stepping between adjacent stones in the set.
Embedded group
A connected group of stones that is connected to other stones that are not themselves part of the group. Most games where players try to build certain kinds of groups implicitly allow the groups to be embedded. For example, in the game Hex, the winning chain of piece connecting opposite sides may be connected to other pieces of the same color that branch off of the main chain, but which aren't themselves involved in the main connection. It is important to discuss this property explicitly here, because it can cause confusion when players invent pattern goals. Practically speaking though, nearly all balanced patterns allow for embedded groups. Therefore, if you are unsure whether the builder's pattern can include embedded groups, assume that it can.
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