Node Ball

Node Ball is another Daniel Solis game based on the bumping mechanics of Selva. The game is still in need of more extensive play testing so feedback (both positive and negative) is desired. The following rules clarifications/modifications have been implemented.

  1. You may not move the same piece twice in a row.
  2. Kings currently bounce the ball directly back at the kicker.
  3. There are no consequences for kicking a ball through your own goal area.

The area of most concern is how to avoid/discourage 100% defensive play (by say blocking a ball in your own goal area, etc…) Feedback warmly welcomed.

The rules are not complete. The case, a ball lands on a corner node, is not described. I think, a special rule should be set for the case, a ball lands on an edge ! — kawotan

As kawotan and I found out in our game, if the ball lands in a corner or the space diagonally adjacent to a corner, there will be no way to retrieve the ball for further play. — fnord.

perhaps the corners are made out of giant fans that blow the ball inward 2 spaces diagonally when the ball is right in front of them. — antihero

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