Numica has a balance of chesslike and unchesslike charactistics, making it different while still being comfortable to seasoned chess players. A definite plus of Numica is the random board layout. Even though Numica has generalized strategies that work, the random layout prevents the use of a prescribed opening move or staid common maneuvers, giving each game a fresh feel.


  • Many of the strategies of Chess apply to Numica. One technique in particular is very effective in Numica. This technique is forking. Forking is where you place a piece such that it threatens more than one of the opposing pieces. In the opening, this is best accomplished by looking for 1 spaces against your opponent's home row.
  • B, R and X tiles cannot capture other pieces! Even though these spaces offer the best mobility, they serve no offensive purpose themselves. To limit your opponent's options, get these piees onto numbered tiles where they pose a tactical threat.
    • Huh? If your piece is on a B or R tile, it can't capture a piece? "Like a rook in chess" doesn't prohibit landing on an opposing piece, does it? -ryanker
    • No. It is because of their long reach and the fact that they can pass over occupied cells that this restriction must exist. Otherwise, one side could end up with 2 or 3 rook pieces on their home row and end the game very, very quickly. Bishops and Rooks were not a part of the original rules, but were added by SDG. — ac.snotlad|noraa#noraA 2010/10/24 22:17
  • B and R tiles allow you to pass through tiles occupied by pieces of any color.
    • How is this different than the normal rules that state that pieces can travel over other pieces? This caveat threw me off in my first game… -JEEP
    • It's not different, but since "bishop" and "rook" means very specific things in Chess, I thought it worth the mention. — ac.snotlad|noraa#noraA 03 Apr 2006 00:04
  • When setting up an attack, watch to see that any target piece(s) are not protected by other pieces. Capturing a protected piece serves more as attrition rather than piece advantage. - Cerulean, 11 July 2005
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