The rules

  • The object of the game is to move the single white piece (the "ball") into your OPPONENT'S goal.
    • The red player is aiming for rows nineteen and twenty (the blue bar); the blue player is aiming for rows zero and one (the red bar).
    • The system flips the board display for the blue player. This means you're always moving the ball up the screen.
  • On your turn, you do one of two things.
    • Place a black piece (a "man") on any unoccupied location in the field.
      • Just enter the coordinates for the location: a1 or k14.
      • You may not place men on rows zero or twenty. (These are considered "off the board." Only the ball may land there.)
    • Move the ball by having it jump over men.
      • Enter a jump as a series of coordinates separated with hyphens: g10-g15, a12-c12-a14-e18-e20, etc.
      • The ball can jump in straight lines (horizontal, vertical, or diagonal) over unbroken groups of men.
      • The ball may make multiple jumps like in Checkers.
        • The ball's path can cross itself, but remember that men disappear as soon as a jump is completed, so a long jump might be split into two smaller ones by the time the ball takes it. c4-f4-d6-d2 will never work, but c4-f4-d6-d4-d2 might.
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