Common Rule Mis-Interpretations

  • Despite the invalid position image on the InvisibleGames Sprawl page, the correct reading of the default ruleset (reached by discussion with the designer) is that branches must point directly away from their source. The "Loose Branching" variant removes this restriction and allows branches to be placed facing any direction (except backwards) in the cell pointed at by the source piece.

Implementation-specific Details

  • Apparantly, completely eliminating a player will force the game to end after one final round of turns.
    • (Aaron) This is what the rules state.


  • This is what the designer had to say and is how the game is now implemented (forum link):

I'd reward aggression and give the tie to the player who neutralized the towers with the most pips, then the most towers, then controlling the most spaces, then controlling towers with the most pips, then controlling the most towers.

Implemented Variants

  • In the Superior Forces variant, towers are neutralized by being attacked by a combination of pips greater than the pips in the tower. For example, a 3+2 tower would not be neutralized by a 1 piece, as usual, but by two 3's.
  • In the Loose Branching variant, branching pieces may point in any cardinal direction, except toward the piece they are branching from.


  • Beware the two-square kill zone! At the start of the game, each player's first move will be to place a tower. The first player has the liberty of placing their tower anywhere on the board, but subsequent players have strategic restrictions on tower placement. Do not place your first tower two squares orthogonally from another player's tower! If you do so, then the other player will branch from their tower, pointing at your tower and most likely neutralizing your only piece, and you will be out of the game after only one turn! Any size piece can branch from a tower, so your first tower will not be safe in this position regardless of its size.
  • Keep your enemies close. Your towers are actually safest close to other towers, adjacent orthogonally or diagonally. Branches have limited turning ability, which makes it difficult to neutralize a tower that's right next to your tower.
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