Pulling Strings

General Comments

What I really like about this game (just like Frames) is that you're constantly trying to guess what the other player is going to do, which becomes extremely difficult when you think about the fact that their choice depends on what they think you'll do, which in turn depends on their move, and so on. -MatrixFrog

Also, the game gets more interesting as it goes along, since the number of tokens being pulled around continually increases, which adds to the pressure and tension. Also, the ability to play the odds and pull the same string your opponant pulls in an effort to break it is an excellent mechanism. A lot of "risk versus reward" for such a simple game.

Rules Clarity Suggestion

However, there is one thing I think should be more clearly specified in the rules:

The first player to pull stacks with a total of at least 5 pieces onto any combination of his home intersections wins. Ties are decided by continuing play, either until one player has pulled more pieces home than the other, or both players mutually agree to a draw.

It wasn't until I lost, that I determined that the goal wasn't 5 or more, but the most. I assumed that if we both hit the 5+ goal at one move, it would continue until someone pulled more pieces. It didn't occur to me that the number of pieces would resolve the tie immediately. I didn't realize the goal was the number of pieces, I thought it was a timely issue. I would suggest that it is worded like this:

If a player pulls at least five pieces onto any combination of his home intersections, the player with the most pieces home wins. Ties are decided…


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