Implementation Clarifications

  • In the default game single, isolated pyramids are indeed counted, but they are still subject to the "-1 point per group" rule. This means isolated 1-pip pyramids are worthless.
  • The minimum value of a piece is zero. The only situation where this matters is if one of your 3-pip pyramids is surrounded by all 5 of your 1-pips. In such a situation the 3-pip is still worth 0 points and not -1.
  • To "control" a park you must surround it on all sides. Even if the park is in the corner, it is still worth the full 3 points if controlled.
  • It is possible to end up in a situation where you have no legal moves. In these cases you may pass. If all the players are forced to pass in sequence, the game will terminate and be scored.
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