Telegram is a party game normally played with paper and pencil. It's a rather klugey interface requiring folding over papers to prevent people from seeing previous information. One more reason to impliment it here.

  • 4+ players (no real limit, the more the better)
  • The first player writes down a sentence. The next player draws a picture illustrating that sentence. The next player writes a sentence to fit the picture (without seeing the previous sentence). The next player illustrates the new sentence (without seeing the previous illustration, naturally). Play continues. Hilarity ensues.
  • Generally, each player starts one 'board' and they get passed around either in order or randomly. So long as there is at least 3 'moves' since a player has last seen the 'board' it works well.
  • Here, a sentence can be entered directly and pictures of a limited size could be uploaded to the server. Images should be line drawing, either gif or low quality png format.
  • Rotating the 'board' should be random. Whenever you finish a picture it should go back into a pool and you should get a random next board, if one is ready and you have not seen it in sufficient 'moves'. Boards don't have to be assigned until a player logs in, so a player could kill time playing all not-recently-seen boards. Of course, then it would be a while until that player could play any boards again.
  • I have no idea how scoring might be implimented. Perhaps none. Perhaps votes on best transitions.
  • The sentences and images should remain invisible for a certain number of moves, after which they should be produced in order for all to see.
  • Play ends after a certain number of moves, perhaps 20? 100? Setable at the beginning of the game?
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