SDG How-To: Clocks

SDG clock specifications consist of 3 numbers.

  • start
  • increment
  • maximum

These are written formatted as start/increment/maximum. by default, the units of these numbers are days, but this can be modified by appending 'h' to the number, changing it to represent hours.

The Start value represents the starting value of your play clock.

The Increment value tells the system by how much to increase your banked time each time you make a move.

The Maximum value tells the system the most amount of time you are permitted have banked at one time.

The idea behind the system is to allow a player to build up their bank by making a number of quick moves in succession, thereby giving them the flexibility to take some days off if necessary. At the same time, it imposes a mutually agreed upon maximum so that the game does not go stale.

Clock resolution is one hour, meaning it only ticks once an hour (currently at the top of the hour).


  • 3/3/3 results in a clock behaviour identical to SDG's original clocks. You start with 3 days and every time you move your clock will get reset to the maximum of 3 days.
  • 3/1/10 is the current SDG default. It starts your clock with 3 days, increases your bank by 1 day each time you move up to a maximum of 10 days banked.
  • 2/6h/3 could be a setting for someone wanting to play a very fast game. You would only start with 2 days and have a maximum of 3, with your clock incrementing by 6 hours with each move.
  • Finally, 5/0/5 would copy the behaviour of a true chess clock, where no time is added for your move. This is a pretty extreme clock setting for an asynchronous environment, but it works.
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