When a specific site provides a collection of different games, please list the homepage itself and not all the individual games; however, individual listings are fine if that's all the site provides. Listings should be in alphabetical order.

Game Publishers

  • Nestor Games produces very attractive, portable versions of various abstract games including some found here (such as Ordo).

Other Webgames & PbEMs

  • The Blip
      • Various boardgames implemented here.
      • Various boardgames here like Zertz, Plateau, and Lines of Action.
  • Button Men Online!
  • C++ Robots
      • C++Robots is an ongoing "King of the Hill" (KotH) tournament in which players use ANSI C or C++ to create a control program for a robot. The purpose of your robot is to seek out and destroy any other robots in the arena. You submit your control program to the C++Robots server via eMail. Your program is compiled by the GNU C++ compiler and loaded into a robot. Your robot then fights each of the robots "on the hill", one at a time. Each match consists of 5 rounds. You get 3 points for winning a round, and 1 point for a draw. If your total score is better than any of the other robots currently on the hill, you have "made the hill", assuming the appropriate position, and bumping the lowest scoring robot from the hill.
  • Chasm
      • A pretty detailed adventure/puzzle game implemented in Flash.
  • The Dune Emulator
      • An adaptation of Avalon's Dune. Stand-alone client download required.
  • Eye Play Games
      • Online Robo-Arena.
  • Firetop Mountain
      • This is a PbEM implmentation of Waving Hands. This too is a great implementation, but I find the constant typing of orders becomes somewhat tedious. Their source code is also available!
  • Flash Player
      • A collection of Flash games. Some are quite humourous.
  • Flex Games
      • This site sports implementations of Lost Cities and Schotten-Totten.
      • Play By Email Chess, Checkers, Backgammon, Risk, etc. Over 30 games.
  • Laser Squad Nemesis
      • Perhaps this game shouldn't actually be here. A slightly watered down version is available for free, and paying gets you access to different units. It's a custom-client PbEM of futuristic tactical warfare. It's a very interesting game.
  • Little Golem
      • This site sports various boardgame implementations (including Street Soccer) and holds tournaments daily.
  • MindSports
  • Ravenblack Games
      • This is a webgame implementation of the classic game Waving Hands. This is one of my favourite games. My username there is Striton. Feel free to challenge me!
  • Richard's PbEM Server
      • This site provides a system to play dozens of traditional board and card games.
  • Starbase 118 PbEM RPG
      • A play by email Star Trek role playing game in existence for over 10 years.
      • If your interested sign up but you will have to write out the simulations in conjunction with the other players there and work your way to captain or admiral… you start as a cadet and learn the ins and outs of team writing and idea creation/reaction
      • I enjoy the simulated in canon and non-canon trek like creativity that we have there. Lt Cmdr xoet 12, science, USS Constitution.
  • stlts
      • An interesting abstract strategy game involving corks and pins. Have a look!
  • Tactics Arena
      • This is another game that is primarily free, but paying gets you extra. It's a very interesting fantasy webgame of tactical combat. I haven't played this much, but it looks great.
  • igGameCenter
      • Realtime implementations of various abstract board games.


Free Game Resources


Tools and Other Resources

  • ACTS (Automatic Card Tracking System)
  • Board Game Designer's Forum
      • An excellent resource for game designers.
  • Board Game Geek
      • The definitive source of information on all boardgames, free and commercial.
  • Colossus
      • Java implementation of the famous Avalon game Titan.
  • Cyberboard
      • Cyberboard is a tool for playing most any game by email. It was originally intended for wargaming but is perfectly useful (and used) for other types of games as well. It is currently Windows-only.
  • S3D Connector
      • This tool allows you to play the Settlers of Catan series of games either solitaire or over a network.
  • Thoth Engine
      • Thoth is a Windows-only (for now) tool for playing most any game either by email or online via DirectPlay. There are lots and lots of pre-made cardsets available (most linked from the main website).
  • QUB - the Q Universal Boardgame
      • This is an attempt at a cross-platform boardgaming system similar to Cyberboard.
      • An expansive archive of chess variants.
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