Koan Image Repository - Search Help

The database is indexed by pyramid. This means that the request you enter will be compared against each and every pyramid in each and every koan. Everything is converted to lowercase before parsing the search (ie. Purple = puRPlE = purple). The search syntax used is a subset of CQL. The list of categories and valid descriptors are as follows:

  • Color: Red Green Blue Yellow Orange Purple Cyan Clear Black White
  • Size: Small Medium Large
  • Position: Grounded Stacked Floating
  • Orientation: Upright Flat Weird

For each of the above categories, there is an associated ''count''.

  • ''count.red'' returns the number of red pyramids in a koan
  • ''count.floating'' gives a count of floating pyramids
  • etc…

Caveat: Searching for ''blue and upright'' will return all koans with at least 1 blue pyramid and at least 1 upright pyramid, but not necessarily with a pyramid that is both blue and upright. To do a more specific search you must use the ''pyramid'' keyword. Groups of terms must be separated by a space and enclosed by quotation marks. You can negate a term by prefacing it with an exclamation point(!).

There are also 4 special categories:

  • Num: The number of pyramids in the koan
  • Pips: The total pip-count of the koan
  • Source: This is the actual source code for the koan. Enclose comparison strings in double-quotes(").
  • Series: (see below)

The following relational operators are available:
''<'', ''>'', ''<='', ''>='', ''='', ''<>'', ''and'', ''or'', ''not'' (It should be noted that the ''not'' keyword is actually ''and-not''. You cannot simply say ''not green''. To accomplish this you would have to enter ''color <> green''.) You can also use parentheses ''()'' to group queries together.

There is also a special relational keyword called ''exact''. If you want koans consisting of only grounded pyramids, you could enter: ''position exact grounded''. Koans with only medium koans: ''size exact medium''.


  • ''upright''
    • Returns all koans cosisting of at least 1 upright pyramid.
  • ''upright and color<>green''
    • Returns all koans consisting of at least 1 upright pyramid and no green pyramids whatsoever.
  • ''num>2 and (blue or purple) orientation<>weird''
    • Would first select all koans that consist of 3+ pyramids. It would then weed out any of those koans that do not contain at least 1 blue or 1 purple pyramid. It would then remove all koans consisting of any weird pyramids.
  • ''color <> (orange and purple and cyan and black and clear and white)''
    • Returns all koans that have only red, yellow, blue, and green pieces.
  • ''color exact green''
    • Returns only koans consisting of all green pyramids.
  • ''pyramid="blue small grounded" and count.stacked = 1''
    • First finds all koans consisting of at least one pyramid that is blue, small, and grounded. It then weeds out any koans that don't have exactly 1 stacked pyramid.
  • ''pyramid="blue small !floating"''
    • Returns all koans with at least one pyramid that is blue, small, and either grounded or stacked.
  • ''series=pall and pyramid="small yellow" and pyramid="small green" and pyramid="small blue"''
    • Returns the 10 ''pallBearer'' koans with yellow, green, and blue bearers.

What if I need more help?

The forums are the best place to ask for help with the Povray system. Simply visit the Koan Requests forum. As always, you can also ac.snotlad|noraa#yltcerid em liame if you have any questions or concerns. Enjoy!


A series is a specific type of koan layout that is duplicated using all the available colours. If you can think of a useful series that is not included here, or you have better code for an existing series, please let me know.

Also, series names are not case sensitive, and it does a broad search. So searching for just "sm" would also return "sml".

Name Description Example Koan
''NULL'' A special keyword that means not belonging to a series.
''allFallDown'' 4 small, grounded, flat pyramids pointing away from the center :povray:series-allfall.png
''away'' A grounded flat pointing away from a grounded upright :povray:series-away.png
''cheerleaders'' 4 small grounded uprights supporting a large upright :povray:series-cheer.png
''couples'' 2 grounded upright mids next to each other but not touching :povray:series-couples.png
''couplesTouching'' Same as ''couples'' but they are touching at the base :povray:series-couplestouching.png
''dualFlatPointers'' 2 pyramids of varying sizes that are flat, grounded, and point towards each other :povray:series-dual.png
''families'' 3 upright grounded pyramids, one of each size :povray:series-families.png
''fingerPointingS3'' 3 small, flat, grounded mids pointing at each other :povray:series-fingers3.png
''fingerPointingS4'' 4 small, flat, grounded mids pointing at each other :povray:series-finger4.png
''fingerPointingS5'' 5 small, flat, grounded mids pointing at each other :povray:series-fingers5.png
''fingerPointingM3'' 3 medium, flat, grounded mids pointing at each other :povray:series-m3.png
''fingerPointingM5'' 5 medium, flat, grounded mids pointing at each other :povray:series-m5.png
''fingerPointingL3'' 3 large, flat, grounded mids pointing at each other :povray:series-l3.png
''fingerPointingL4'' 4 large, flat, grounded mids pointing at each other :povray:series-l4.png
''inspection'' 4 small, flat, grounded pyramids in a line, with an additional small, grounded, flat marching in front of them :povray:series-inspection.png
''jumbled3a'' A miscellaneous collection of three pyramids :povray:series-jumbled.png
''llFlat'' Same as ''llUp'', but flat :povray:series-llflat.png
''llUp'' 2 large pyramids upright and stacked on each other :povray:series-llup.png
''lllUp'' 3 large pyramids stacked on top of each other :povray:series-lllup.png
''loneBearers'' Same as ''pallBearers'' but without the pall :povray:series-lone.png
''mathochist063'' Similar to ''notSpeaking'' with a medium upright stacked on the two flats :povray:math063.png
''mathochist064'' Same as ''mathochist063'' except the stacked pyramid is a small :povray:math064.png
''mathochist065'' Same as ''mathochist064'' except the small is resting "inside" the 2 flat larges :povray:math065.png
''mathochist066'' Same as ''mathochist065'' except with a large resting inside :povray:math066.png
''mathochist067'' One flat grounded large with a small upright resting on the inside lip of the large :povray:math067.png
''mathochist071'' A picture is worth 1000 words… :povray:math071.png
''mediator'' Same as ''notSpeaking'' except with an upright grounded pyramid between them :povray:series-mediator.png
''mlUp'' A medium upright stacked on a large grounded upright :povray:series-mlup.png
''mlWeird'' Same as ''mlUp'' but the medium is "weird" :povray:series-mlweird.png
''mmFlat'' Same as ''mmUp'', but flat :povray:series-mmflat.png
''mmUp'' 2 upright mediums stacked on each other :povray:series-mmup.png
''mmWeird'' Same as ''mmUp'' with a weird top :povray:series-mmweird.png
''mmmUp'' 3 medium pyramids stacked on top of each other :povray:series-mmmup.png
''notSpeaking'' 2 flat grounded pyramids facing away from each other :povray:series-notspeaking.png
''pallBearers'' 3 flat grounded smalls supporting 1 flat stacked large :povray:series-pall.png
''passersBy'' 2 flat grounded mids pointing in opposite directions, but next to each other :povray:series-passby.png
''passersByGoingAround'' Same as ''passersBy'' with a grounded upright mid in the middle :povray:series-goingaround.png
''rocket'' 1 grounded small supporting the tip of a weird grounded large :povray:series-rocket.png
''singleFlat'' 1 flat grounded pyramid :povray:series-singleflat.png
''singlePointer'' 1 flat grounded pyramid to the left of and pointing at an upright grounded pyramid :povray:series-singlepl.png
''singleUp'' 1 grounded upright pyramid :povray:series-singleup.png
''slUp'' Small stacked on a large :povray:series-slup.png
''smFlat'' Same as ''smUp'' only flat :povray:series-smflat.png
''smUp'' An upright small stacked on an upright grounded medium :povray:series-smup.png
''smWeird'' Same as ''smUp'' but with the top weird :povray:series-smweird.png
''ssFlat'' Same as ''ssUp'' but flat :povray:series-ssflat.png
''ssUp'' 2 small stacked uprights :povray:series-ssup.png
''sssUp'' 3 small stacked uprights :povray:series-sssup.png
''treeFlat'' A flat "tree" :povray:series-smlflat.png
''treeToppling'' A "tree" with both stacked pieces weird :povray:series-topple.png
''treeUp'' A "tree" :povray:series-smlup.png
''treeWeird'' A "tree" with a weird top :povray:series-smlweird.png
''triforce'' 3 small pyramids in a pyramid formation :povray:series-triforce.png
''triosSmall'' 3 small, grounded, upright mids standing next to each other :povray:series-triossmall.png
''triosMedium'' Same as ''triosSmall'' with medium mids :povray:series-triosmedium.png
''triosLarge'' Same as ''triosSmall'' with large mids :povray:series-trioslarge.png
''walkingTheDog'' Upright grounded mid with a flat grounded one "walking" beside it :povray:series-dog.png
''wheelS3'' Same as ''wheelS6'' but with 3 pyramids :povray:series-wheels3.png
''wheelS4'' Same as ''wheelS6'' but with 4 pyramids :povray:series-wheels4.png
''wheelS5'' Same as ''wheelS6'' but with 5 pyramids :povray:series-wheels5.png
''wheelS6'' A wheel of 6 small, flat, grounded mids, all pointing to the centre :povray:series-wheels6.png
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