This is a read-only page listing the current development queue and other miscellaneous SDG site tasks that I need to remember. If I've told you that I'm going to fix/examine something, and it's not on this list, feel free to drop me a line. If it's not here, it will likely be forgotten.

Development Queue

New Game Freeze in effect for at least the rest of 2007 as the underlying system is being rewritten.


  • 4-player Impasse
  • Upon closer examination the re-fit to 4-player will be more complex than originally anticipated. Will have to wait for a bit.

Retrofit Existing Games

  • Pulling Strings (new Simultaneous paradigm)
  • Frames (new Simultaneous paradigm)
  • Linear Progression
  • Motala Strom

Miscellaneous Tasks

Bug Fixes

  • Clarify board flipping that happens in Afrika
  • Audit WLD script
  • Streamline ''genleaderboard'' script
  • Turns get skipped when entering example koans
  • Audit "Avg. Ladder Standing" module as per this and this
  • Playtest games should not appear on the leaderboard

New/Modified Features

  • Add "accesskey" attribute to form elements
  • Depth Charge: Allow cell ranges in "Mark Cells" entry box
  • A shortened "Challenges" page that only lists user-specified games.
  • Some sort of page that lists everybody that has played a given game with their rating and win/loss record
  • Zendo: Somehow get the new clock to work with Zendo (with a "Skip" feature?)
  • Forced Scores: Expire very old resignations…say in 6 months or so
  • Account for mutually exclusive variants using possibly to start but eventually by adding a 'group' column to the database and creating radio buttons.
  • Praetorian: Coloration and other marking changes as per here.
  • Archival links
  • Zendo: allow everybody to see pending koans
  • Report ladder changes in the actual game in question.
  • Zendo: mass koan tagging
  • Audit "Games Archive" as per
  • "Call Dibs" feature on the ladders?
  • Add sort option for games by ''last'' instead of just by time remaining
  • Create leaderboard module and sorts for game lengths
  • In Tumblewords, don't draw your tile until the beginning of your next turn.
  • Add a "Resign" button for Zendo students
  • Add the entered move to the "illegal move" error message
  • coordinate popup in Frames and maybe Phutball
  • Make "Your Turn" RSS feed
  • Add "Next/Prev Message" links to the PM system
  • Current and Potential ratings on the game board
  • Sort game table by last-active
  • crop "homeworld display area" when players resign or are elminated
  • Should the "offer draw" button mess with the turn indicator somehow?

Variants etc…

  • Grim Reaper: Random variant should be Max/2 to Max instead of 2 to Max
  • RBP: Demolition Derby
  • Tumblewords: Boggle scoring (ie. 3 = 1, 4 = 2, 5 = 3, 6 = 5, 7 = 8)
  • Oust: 13x13 board
  • Depth Charge: More mines!
  • Tumblewords: 3+ players
  • Tumblewords: allow Scrabble-like passing?
  • Cascades variant: make the edges of the board wrap around
  • Fortac variants as per
  • Slide, Points
  • 2-player Zendo? (Dharma-Duel)
  • Add notation to Copolymer
  • Tanbo 2-player-4-colour variant?
  • look at Dark Dugi and Clusters variants for Dugi
  • allow inverted cell designations (perhaps to all games?)
  • show active challenges on Home page
  • announce score deltas in Terratain?
  • RBP: 2-4 players controlling 2 piggies?


  • Internationalize text to make things easier for international players
  • attempt again to properly center dice graphics in Pikemen and Blam!
  • better initial placement of Praetorian pieces?
  • let you have your password sent to you without knowing your username
  • Cannon DB
  • add +/++ to AI move history


  • Source Code: audit relative/absolute directory usage for ease of portability (abstract dir generation to an SDG module?)
  • The problems with the following 2 are related and will require some code re-working
  • Add chat text for Chase (
  • improve line drawing for wrap-around and ricochet moves in Chase and Gounki
  • overhaul login page for speed and scalability
  • Database reindexing has sped up loading significantly. This is now low priority.
  • clean up url scheme
  • issues with mod_rewrite
  • "number" random boards (ie. Numica) so one could play specific ones
  • would rather do a new game first than this…will do eventually
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