Welcome to the Super Duper Tournament Centre! Here you will find information regarding current and past player-run tournaments as well as some general information on how tournaments work in SDG. The tournament feature is new and in a beta state! I can all but promise you that something will go wrong at some point. Any bug reports or feedback should be directed to the Tournament Feedback page.

  • All SDG tournaments are player-run. SDG does what it can to facilitate such tournaments, but is not responsible for them in any way. All questions regarding the tournaments themselves should be directed to the tournament director. SDG admins can only respond to technical questions and issues.
  • Tournament Directors are welcome to run tournaments in any way they see fit. Each tournament has its own wiki space where the rules and current status of the event are listed. The Tournaments forum is also an appropriate place to announce the commencement and status of your tournament.
  • If you wish to run a tournament, please contact <ac.snotlad|noraa#ac.snotlad|noraa>.
  • SDG provides the following tournament services:
      • online registration
      • manual addition/removal of participants
      • manual pairing system allowing the organizer to initiate new games
  • SDG does not:
      • provide nor enforce a particular tournament design. The organizer can pair players in any way they wish.
      • provide a pairing engine. It is the organizer's responsibility to implement the design they choose. (Be sure to check the Helpful Links section though!)
      • automatically update wiki pages. The organizer is solely responsible for keeping the information up-to-date and useful.

Helpful Links

Please visit the Tournament Feedback page if you have other helpful links to add.

  • TDX - A free, open-source, Java pairing engine for Swiss-style tournaments. It is not perfect, but can be an invaluable aid. I am happy to help as much as I can in making it work for you. It is the only completely free engine I have yet found.

Open Tournaments

Past Tournaments

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