1st Annual Cannon Tournament

Tournament format

Players will be matched by rank at SDG; unranked players will be given an average rank of 1600 to start. There will be 3 rounds((If necessary to break a tie for first place additional rounds may be added.)), the number of games each round will depend on the number of players.

Example: If the tournament has 12 players they will be placed in groups of 4 with each player playing 3 games; one game against each other player in their group. The top 3 players will advanced to the next round with wins accumulating from round to round.

(We have had a larger than expected turnout, there will be 4 groups with the top players from each group advancing to the second round.)

We would like to suggest that everyone plays as many games prior to the tournament at SDG as is convenient for them both for practice and so they may be better matched. The AI player is an excellent way for beginners to learn the rules, these games don't get ranked and it is still under development so a live opponent is still the best way to learn the game. Players who would like to play a tutorial game should start a cannon game and Put 'Dralius Only Tutorial' in the notes. The data base is also a good reference to see how games are played.

Games move time will be set at 3 days. Players should move as often as they are able to keep the tournament progressing.

There will be a play break for the holiday season where the 3 day limit won't be enforce starting Dec 23rd 2005 to Jan 2nd 2006. On the 2nd the move clocks will be reset to 3 days.

If you have an emergency, whether personal or technical, and need an extension of time, it is at your opponent's discretion to decide whether to grant it. Once granted the player is expected to keep their word, forcing a win due to an expired clock within the agreed period will cause a (tournament) loss for the player granting the extension. Extensions cannot be indefinite; any game that is not progressing and holding up the tournament will be terminated by the judge after an attempt to warn the player, with a win being awarded to the player who last moved. If there are technical problems on the SDG site during the tournament for an extended period of time the turn clocks will be reset so that players have an adequate amount of time to study their moves.

Since points will be awarded on a win/loss basis only it is considered good etiquette to resign a game that you clearly can't win. Players should review the game thoroughly before making this decision. Once resigned a game may not be resumed or reinstated.

In addition the 3 move cannon repetition rule is not enforced by the SDG game server.

“No cannon may shift more than three times in a row regardless of the direction without an intervening move from another cannon or single soldier.”

This situation rarely happens since it is seldom beneficial to stall for long periods; if it becomes an issue in your game please notify me (Dralius) before continuing.

Round 2 Rules Addendum

I have become aware that the possibility of a three way ties with groups of 3 could be an issue. Since replaying the matches may glean the same result I have decided to put in place tie breaking rules which apply in the order given so that only one player from each group may advance to the finals..

The winner will be the player whose:

  • Opponent’s soldier is farthest away
  • Has the most soldiers left.


(We are past the deadline; Registration is closed)

Players may enter by signing up at the Super Duper Games Tournament page.

The names of the winner and finalists of each round will be listed both at PyroMyth Games, SDG and possibly at several other locations not excluding print.

Players may only enter once. Any one found to be playing under more than one identity will be disqualified immediately.

Entrees will be cut off 1 week prior to the tournament start date so that the organizers have time to get organized. A reminder e-mail will be sent to all participants at this time so that if they need to cancel they may without disrupting the tournament.


The one of a kind hand made Cannon set will be mailed to the winner within 7 days of the conclusion of the tournament. Since the tournament is being held by way of the internet possibly requiring international delivery, PyroMyth Games reserves the right to ship the game by the most economical mean possible not excluding; slow boat, pigeon or camel.


Q: Specifically which days will be in the "Holiday Season"? It might affect whether I can play. -JEEP

A: During Dec 23 to Jan 2nd you will still be able to make moves and I encourage those who can to do so to keep the tournament progressing at a healthy pace. If your time expires between this period your opponent won't be able to force your resignation to get the win. On the 2nd the move clocks will be reset incase they have expired giving you time to consider a move. It has been my experience that most players are willing to allow for occasional extensions to the time limit but as previously stated they are not in any way obligated to do so. -Dralius

Q: To the other players: How many would be willing to grant me an extension between Dec 19 and Dec 23? (I'm unlikely to have access between Dec 19 and Dec 26. If that will basically eliminate me, I'll drop out. Otherwise, I'll play.) -JEEP

A: Rather than getting everyones approval lets see who you will be matched with in round one and ask them. We won't be able to do this before the deadline, It all depends on how many players we get and what they are ranked. If we can't work it out with them at that time you can drop out. -Dralius

Q: Is it the top one, top two, or top three players in each group which will advance to the next round? — Rootbeer

A: The player/s that wins the most matches in their group will advance. In the case of a tie more than one player could advance. -Dralius

Q: The tie breaker rules for the second round say that the winner will be the player whose 1) Opponent’s soldier is farthest away 2) Has the most soldiers left.

Does this mean that the distance rule is applied first and only if there is also a tie there then the soldier count rule is applied? —Keith

A: The criteria will be applied in the order listed. First the distance from the town will be assessed and if a tie remains the number of remaining soldiers will hopefully break that unlikely tie.

The logic being since the overall goal of Cannon is to reach the opponents town, distance has a higher weight in the final outcome than the size of the remaining force. We must assume that the soldier will accept defeat and lay down their weapons with honor.

“Therefore the skillful leader subdues the enemy's troops without any fighting; he captures their cities without laying siege to them; he overthrows their kingdom without lengthy operations in the field.” - Sun Tzu

Round 1 Groups & Results

As soon as each game & each round is completed i will post the results here and at my web site PyroMyth Games.

A W signifies a Win and an L a Loss.

Group 1

  • Keith W,W,W,L -Advancing to Round 2
  • Aaron W,L,L,W
  • Jeep L,L,L,W
  • Batman W,W,L,W -Advancing to Round 2
  • Mpetty35 L,L,L,W

Group 2

  • Dtroyka W,W,W,W -Advancing to Round 2
  • Bigby L,L,W,W
  • Davidmilne L,L,L,L
  • Rootbeer W,W,W,L
  • Matt_Arnold L,L,L,W

Group 3

  • Cerulean L,L,W
  • Markthom W,L,L
  • Lexicon W,L,W -Advancing to Round 2
  • CDRodeffer L,W,W -Advancing to Round 2

Group 4

  • Kermit L,W,L
  • CountessPokey L,L,L
  • Hedge_O_Matic W,W,W -Advancing to Round 2
  • Zevzimra W,W,L

Round 2 Groups & Results

Group 1

  • Dtroyka W, L
  • Batman L, L
  • Keith W, W (Advancing to final round)

Group 2

  • CDRodeffer L, W
  • Lexicon W, W (Advancing to final round)
  • Hedge_O_Matic L, L

Round 3 Finals:

  • Keith !!!WINNER!!!
  • Lexicon
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