2007 Complica Tournament

====== 2007 SDG Complica Tournament ======


DNE defeated Antihero in the final match of the 2007 Complica Tournament. Congratulations!

11-30-2007 — Well, the final match has begun! After lots of great play, DNE and Antihero face off in the final. The 2 games are 9956 and 9957. Take a look if you want to see SDG's best Complica players!

11-24-2007 — Our first finalist has been determined: DNE defeated Jeep as Red, and lost as Blue. But the game where DNE won was several turns shorter, so DNE wins the tiebreaker and advances to the finals, against the winner of Aaron and Antihero.

11-10-2007 — After a LONG, GRUELING match, DNE has defeated Cerulean. It was a really cool game to see. Check it out (ID 9454). So now the final four have been determined: DNE, jeep, Aaron, and antihero. The games have been set up - good luck to all!

10-14-2007 — Jeep and Aaron won both of their games, and are the first to advance to the "Final Four" round. Congrats to both!

09-27-2007 — Cerulean defeated Bigby in their runoff game, so the next round of the tournament has commenced. Check out the Google spreadsheet for the pairings, and good luck!

09-04-2007 — Cerulean and Bigby split their 2 games, and both won in 11 turns. So they will play a run-off to see who advances to the "Elite 8" round of the single-elim tournament. I've updated the Google spreadsheet to reflect this.

08-28-2007 — Been a while since I updated this. The first round of bracketed games is nearing its close. 13 of 16 games have completed.

  • DNE defeated Subhan64
  • SliverXII defeated MikeYarrum
  • jeep defeated Kermit
  • antihero defeated nycavri
  • Aaron defeated joanna
  • cdiffell defeated babelfish

4 of the matchups had to be decided by fastest win as the players split the 2 games.

As soon as the last 3 games are complete I will create the matchups for the next level in the bracket. Based on who's advanced so far, jeep will play SliverXII, cdiffell will play Aaron, DNE will play either Cerulean or bigby, and antihero will play either Personman or Batman.

08-04-2007 — I finally got to finish the rankings from Pool Play. We had 1 undefeated player (DNE), who was obviously ranked first. I took the fastest win for the remaining players. There were only 2 ties: joanna tied with Personman, and Personman won the tie by having the faster "2nd-fastest" game. Kermit and Subhan64 were tied with zero wins, and I flipped a coin which caused Kermit to be ranked 15th and Subhan64 to be ranked 16th. You can see the listing of ranks at the spreadsheet below, on the tab called "Single Elim Rank & Results":


Below the table with the rankings, you will see the 4 brackets. The game number listed after each person's name is the game they are RED in. Each pair will play 2 games: 1 as red and 1 as blue. In the event of a split decision, faster win will prevail; if still tied, 1 final game will be played with red/blue chosen randomly.

Games for the next round (i.e. "elite 8", "final four") will not begin until ALL games from the previous round have been completed. I know this might make things move slower, but I'd like to keep the rounds with definite start dates.

Everyone PLEASE note the change in end-game rules instituted by Aaron a few days ago. Now, if one player gets one 4-in-a-row, and the other player gets 2 (or more) 4-in-a-rows at the same time, the game DOES NOT END. It continues until only a single player has a 4-in-a-row.

07-31-2007 — Well, the pool play is over. I am in the midst of compiling the standings for seeding in the 2nd round. Real life is trying its best to interfere, so most likely this won't be complete till near the end of the week. If it's too late in the week, I won't start the actual games until Monday.

07-29-2007 — OK, just 1 game left, and from the look of it over soon. I'm in the midst of tabulating the "quickest win" for each player (incidentally, anyone know a better way to do this than to physically count the move entries? It's a laborious process, especially double-checking to make sure I skip any undo/redos). Once I've tabulated each player's fastest win, I'll rank everyone 1-16 by wins, with fastest win as a tie-breaker. If necessary, I'll look at 2nd fastest win to break any ties. In the unlikely event that ties for ranking can't be broken by looking at all wins, I will randomly determine seeding for those. Once that's complete, I'll put everyone into brackets. 4 total brackets ala NCAA Sweet 16.

The second round will be single elimination, but again, each matchup will be 2 games. In the event of a split decision, fastest win will again be the tie-breaker. If that's still a tie, then a third game will be played (first mover determined randomly).

Hope everyone's enjoying this as much as I am; it's been really fun to follow the games and track the results. I'll put the brackets up in the Google Spreadsheet (link below), along with details on how the final seeding was determined.

07-18-2007 — Almost 80% of the games for pool play have been completed. Red has won over 70% of the games so far! So far DNE has the highest win %, winning all of her completed games.

07-05-2007 — Clock freeze (5:15 AM PDT).

07-04-2007 — Happy Independence Day to all the Americans in the tourney! Hope everyone has a safe & enjoyable holiday.

Of 16 games completed thus far, 12 have been won by red and 4 by blue - 75% wins for Player 1. Obviously a small sample size, but it'll be interesting to see if this trend continues.

I've updated the google spreadsheet with the results as of this morning. I'll probably do one more update tonight. A note on the spreadsheet - in the personal stats section starting in Row 29, the win % is calculated as a % of total games in the pool (i.e. 6 per player), so even if a certain player (ahem…DNE…ahem) has won all their games, they won't show a 100% win % until all their games are complete. On another note, anyone know how to get rid of the gridlines in a Google spreadsheet? The report would look a lot better without them.

Remember, clocks get frozen tomorrow morning and will be thawed on Sunday.

07-02-2007 — OK, I finally got my spreadsheet uploaded at


This is published so everyone should be able to see it at this link. Let me know if you can't see it. What it shows is each pool, and the game numbers for each game. For completed games, the game number as a "-r" or "-b" for Red or Blue victory, color-coded appropriately. At the bottom is a summary of each person and their performance.

Let me know what you think.

06-29-2007 — The tournament is now well underway. Some games have completed. I will post (tonight) a table of the results so far (it might be as a link to a Google spreadsheet as that's easier than encoding it here in html).

Also, per the discussion in the forums, re-seeding will be done with everyone entirely instead of by pool. The tie-breaker in case 2 or more people have the same record will be the quickest win, defined as fewest number of moves. Stay tuned for the graph tonight.

UPDATE: I feel vindicated on my decision for each person to play 2 games: so far, with 11 games finished, Red (Player 1) has won 9 times, and blue just twice. Interesting to see if it keeps up this way.

06-23-2007 — pools have been established. There are 16 players (my wife graciously offered to play to bring the total to a more manageable 16 players). I divided the players up into pools randomly (using Excel's random number generator). Each player will play each other player in their pool twice, for a total of 6 games. I will then seed the players based on their performance in these games. I'm thinking of doing a 4-section bracket out of pool play where the #1 seed will play the #4 seed, and #2 will play #3, etc. This means that there's no way for players from different pools to meet each other until the semifinal. Is this fair? The other way is to seed everyone together after pool play. I'd like some feedback on this.

Here are the pools:

Group A

Group B

Group C

Group D

06-21-2007 — registration is now closed. I will begin the pairing and the games will begin Saturday, 6/23. Since we have 15 entrants, I've decided to randomly assign participants to 3 pools of 5 players each. Play will be by round-robin (each person will play each other person in their pool TWICE, once as red and once as blue). From these initial games, the single-elimination seeding will be determined. More on this in the next couple days.

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