4th Annual Cannon Tournament


Registration deadline Dec 31st 2008
Start Date January 08th 2009
Administers by Keith Carter: 2 time World Champion Cannon Master & David E. Whitcher (dralius)
1st and 2nd place prizes provided by [Panther]

  1. First place: Your choice of any two Blue Panther games with the exception of Nepal which would count as both titles.
  2. Second place: Your choice of any one Blue Panther game or 50% off from the purchase of Nepal.

In the past we have always given away Cannon sets to the winner. You can use your prize to purchase the new all wood edition of Cannon from Blue Panther if you wish. We have also had a consolation prize drawing for those that don’t make it to the finals. We plan on continuing that this year yet we have not lined a prize up yet, (Prize TBA).

A note on the Drawing: You must participate and complete at least one game in the tournament to be eligible for the drawing! Those that sign up for the tournament and fail to play their opening game will not be included.

The rules will be at RULES By Nov 4th, 2008. Please review them prior to the events start.

I hope we will have a good turn out this year with so many new players here at SDG and the new Blue Panther sets hitting the market this November.

Remember In the case of ties for a round the top players in a group will advance to the next round. In the event that all players in a group tie for top all three will go to the next round.

This event is part of the 2009 IAGO World Tour

Please post any questions below ( I will try to answer them as qickly as possible )


Round 1

Group 1 Games Unic Advances

  • unic Vs. morat
  • smilingra Vs. unic
  • unic Vs. BlueAvenger
  • morat Vs. smilingra
  • BlueAvenger Vs. morat
  • smilingra Vs. BlueAvenger

Group 2 Games Remneb Advances

  • nycavri Vs. raoulizzard
  • stoneaxe Vs. nycavri
  • nycavri Vs. Remneb
  • CDRodeffer Vs. nycavri
  • raoulizzard Vs. stoneaxe
  • Remneb Vs. raoulizzard
  • raoulizzard Vs. CDRodeffer
  • stoneaxe Vs. Remneb
  • CDRodeffer Vs. stoneaxe
  • Remneb Vs. CDRodeffer

Group 3 Games Bigby Advances

  • molnar Vs. bigby
  • alexcobo Vs. molnar
  • molnar Vs. hseld
  • Titan_Tom Vs. molnar
  • bigby Vs. alexcobo
  • hseld Vs. bigby
  • bigby Vs. Titan_Tom
  • alexcobo Vs. hseld
  • Titan_Tom Vs. alexcobo
  • hseld Vs. Titan_Tom

Group 4 Games cdiffell, jeanM_M and Aaron advance

  • Needle Vs. Cerulean
  • cdiffell Vs. Needle
  • Needle Vs. jeanM_M
  • Aaron Vs. Needle
  • Cerulean Vs. cdiffell
  • jeanM_M Vs. Cerulean
  • Caerulean Vs. Aaron
  • Cdiffell Vs. jeanM_M
  • Aaron Vs. Cdiffell
  • jeanM_M Vs. Aaron

Round 2

Group 1 Games

  • bigby Vs. unic
  • bigby Vs. JeanM_M
  • unic Vs. JeanM_M

Group 2 Games

  • Remneb Vs. cdiffell
  • Remneb Vs. Aaron
  • cdiffell Vs. Aaron

Round 3 Tournament final

  • remneb Vs. unic
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