IAGO World Tour 2010 Pikemen Tournament

A part of the 2010 IAGO World Tour


  • Registration is open to any and all SDG members. Simply go to the Tournaments page and click "Register!"
  • If you're not currently a member of SDG, it is 100% free to join and play. Click the "Register New Account" button on the front page.


  • The Tournament will be run in a multi-round format, depending on number of entrants.
  • Players will be matched by rank at SDG; unranked players have their own group.
  • Games in each round will run concurrently.
  • Clocks will be set to 3/1/5, with Hard Time in effect.

The top players from each group will advanced to the next round with wins accumulating from round to round.



A W signifies a Win and and L a Loss.

Group 1

  • Aaron (1695) W L L L
  • alexcobo (1660) W W W L
  • Elektrodo (1621) L L L L
  • jazzfish (1636) W W W W (Advances)
  • Uglyfoot (1623) W W L L

Group 2

  • fnord (1579) W W L L
  • hseld (1604) W W W W (Advances)
  • molnar (1606) W W L L
  • pedrop (1579) W L L L
  • ZackStack (1615) W L L L

Group 3

  • Cerulean (1555) W W W L (Advances)
  • Mandrel (1577) W W L L
  • Nupanick (1532) W L L L
  • Orl (——) W W W L (Advances)
  • xoet (1546) W L L L

Round 2

  • Cerulean L L L
  • hseld W L L
  • Jazzfish W W W - WINNER!
  • Orl W W L
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