2006 Martian Chess Tourney

To begin all participants will be seeded into pools according to rank (all unranked players will be seeded with the rank of 1600). Everybody will play every body in their pool once (round Robin). All player will advance to the next round (single elimination) but the results in the pool will be used to for seeding into the next round. The parts of the seeding process in order of importance are 1) number of wins (highest percentage gets higher seed but someone who is 4 and 0 will be seeded higher then someone who is 3 and 0) 2) indicator (this is defined as points scored minus points scored against over the course of all the games you play in your pool.) and finally if number of wins and indicator are the same then the higher seed will go to the person who scored the most points. In the 2nd round, if you loose one match you are out. A match is the first to win two games (best of three). The winner is the last man standing in the direct elimination round.
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Round 1

This round was split into two pools and each pool played round robin. The results of this round were used to create the seeding for Round 2.

Here is the initial seeding in to the pool.

  • JEEP
  • Aaron
  • Bigby
  • spielstein
  • Xoet
  • platoonsarge8809
  • twoshort
  • gigaclon
  • mightyjack

The round 1 pools are as follows
pool 1= Jeep,Bigby,Xoet,twoshort,mightyjack\pool 2= Aaron,spielstein,platoonsarge8809,gigaclon


  • jeep: 4-0
  • Aaron: 3-0\* spielsetein: 2-1\* twoshort: 2-2 (indicator: 2; Total points:54)\* xoet: 2-2 (indicator: 2; Total points: 51)\* mightyjack: 2-2 (indicator: -5) \* platoonsarge8809: 1-2\* gigaclon: 0-3\* bigby: 0-4\

Pool 1

Pool 2

Round 2

Starting with this round we go to single elimination and each match is a race to two wins. Draws are not a win, so there will be enough games played such that one person wins 2.

Round 3

Round 4

Round 5

Game 3 (1-0)
Game 4 (0.5-0.5)
Game 5 (0.5-0.5)

We're calling this a draw.


A set of three handmade Martian Chessboard Segments by -JEEP. If JEEP wins, the prize will go to second place.


  • Well, it looks like GigaClon had enough of Martian Chess and resigned from the tourney, so you can set up the rest of the pairings. Look out Jeep, I'm on a roll! :) -bigby
  • I often lose the first round of elimination, so believe me, I'm worried. :( -JEEP
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