Mark Steere Triathlon

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Lexicon is named the winner here:


  • The triathlon is divided into three single-elimination subtournaments, one for each game. The subtournaments run concurrently.
  • The winner and first runner-up in each subtournament receive points as noted in the tables below.
  • Among those who win at least one sub-tournament, the person with the highest score wins the main tournament.
  • MarkSteere will send the (main) tournament winner two prizes:
      • A collared Cephalopod shirt.
      • A Cephalopod set featuring a zebrawood playing board. (Large photograph)

Cephalopod Subtournament

Players Cerulean Batman Lexicon jeep Laurie_Menke Aaron MrStickman GigaClon
Round 1 Batman jeep Laurie_Menke MrStickman
Round 2 (20 points) Batman MrStickman
Winner (40 points) MrStickman

Copolymer Subtournament

Players jeep Aaron GigaClon Batman MrStickman Cerulean Lexicon Laurie_Menke
Round 1 jeep Batman MrStickman Lexicon
Round 2 (19 points) jeep Lexicon
Winner (38 points) Lexicon

Diffusion Subtournament

Players Lexicon Aaron MrStickman Batman Cerulean GigaClon Laurie_Menke jeep
Round 1 Lexicon Batman Cerulean Laurie_Menke
Round 2 (18 points) Lexicon Cerulean
Winner (36 points) Lexicon

Total Results

Player Victories Points
Lexicon 2 74
MrStickman 1 40
Batman 0 20
jeep 0 19
Cerulean 0 18
Aaron 0 0
GigaClon 0 0
Laurie_Menke 0 0

Lexicon wins!

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