2nd Annual Cannon Tournament

Starting Dec 4th, 2006, Registration Deadline Dec 1st, 2006.

There will be three prizes given away this year.

  • All wood laser etched Cannon set for the first place finisher.
  • An original cloth board Cannon set for second place.
  • All other participants will be entered into a drawing for a PyroMyth Games T-shirt or hat.

The rules can be found at RULES as well as pictures of the prizes.

I am looking forward to this year’s tournament. We expect many returning players from last year and hope that we will have many new ones as well. Don’t forget to get a practice game in if you are a little rusty. For those of you who are new and yet to be ranked I suggest playing one or two ranked games so that you will be placed into a starting group at your skill level.

Please post any questions below ( I will try to answer them as qickly as possible )

Q: What happens in case of ties? I.e. in my group, I've beaten Batman, who's beaten Aaron… if Aaron beats me in our game, what happens then? We'll all have one win each. -unic

A: In the case of ties the top players in a group will advance to the next round. In the event that all three players tie for top all three will go to the next round. -Dralius

Round 1 Groups & Results

As soon as each game & each round is completed i will post the results here and at my web site PyroMyth Games.

A W signifies a Win and an L a Loss.

Group 1 Unic Advances

Group 2 Megamau Advances

Group 3 Bigby Advances

Group 4 Babelfish Advances

Round 2 Groups & Results:

Round 3 Groups & Results:

* Unic W - 1st place winning the trophy & a Laser Etched Cannon set.
* Megamau L - 2nd place wins a portable Cannon set.


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